Lil Nas X Coasters: Old Town Road Set


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Lil Nas X was the bright, magnificent light we needed in 2019. In addition to his genre-bending music, his tweets don't fit any molds either...except molds with lasers and wood!

You can now set your favorite beverage right smack on top of those tweets with this set of Lil Nas X Tweet Wooden Coasters!

The Old Town Road set contains these four tweets:

  2. "old town road is literally about horses."
  3. "when i said “i got the horses in the back” it was in reference to reversing the ongoing climate change, water pollution, and catastrophic political climate we are witnessing in these trying times."
  4. "bruh i really have the number one song in the country lmaoooo"

Here are the specs on these amazing bits of internet lore...

  • Laser cut & etched in high quality basswood
  • Coasters: 3.6" × 3.6"
  • Coaster Base: 4.6" Ă— 3.2"
  • Made in the freaking US of A with horses in the back

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