Elon Musk Coasters: Set #2


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Elon Musk, our benevolent martian human who's ever busy making the simulation a better place through his companies and his tweets!

You can now set your favorite beverage right smack on top of those tweets with this set of Elon Musk Tweet Wooden Coasters!

Set #2 contains these four tweets:

  1. "Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured."
  2. "The rumor that I'm building a spaceship to get back to my home planet Mars is totally untrue"
  3. "#OccupyMars"
  4. "When the zombie apocalypse happens, you’ll be glad you bought a flamethrower. Works against hordes of the undead or your money back!"

Here are the specs on these amazing bits of internet lore...

  • Laser cut & etched in high quality basswood
  • Coasters: 3.6" × 3.6"
  • Coaster Base: 4.6" Ă— 3.2"
  • Made in the freaking US of A

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