The Checkmark


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Ah. The Twitter Verified badge. For years it's been just out of reach for the average peasant. Reserved for celebrities, politicians, journalists and your favorite startup founder who "knows a guy".

But now, with Sir Elon at the helm, we can all be so blessed to have that glorious checkmark rained down upon us.

For a price.

Just as Elon is charging $8 for the checkmark, we too are charging that same amount. Except ours is etched in actual wood.

What in god's name will you do with an $8 laser etched wooden checkmark? A few ideas...

  1. Coaster
  2. Weapon
  3. Tech event confetti
  4. Trash
  5. Bathroom tiles

Here are the specs on these things..

  • Laser¬†cut &¬†etched in¬†high quality¬†maple wood
  • Dimensions: 3.75" √ó¬†3.75"
  • Made in the freaking US of A

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