Wooden Etched Tweet: Giant


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There comes a time in every human's life where you come to grips with the reality that a giant artisan wooden tweet is exactly what you need to feel the void in your soul.

This wooden etched tweet is exactly like the smaller version but...giant.

It's 11 inches tall & 19 inches wide, or approximately 1 by 1.5 bald eagles, for folks outside the U.S.

Simply send a link to the tweet you'd like etched (it can be any public tweet in all the land) and we'll use lasers and fire and smoke and magic to permanently etch that tweet in to a beautiful piece of basswood plywood.

The tweet comes with a built-in mounting bracket so you can hang it literally anywhere that's capable of having things hung. hunged? hanged? hungeded?

NOTE: Due to size limitations, we're not able to etch any tweets with photos attached to them. We can modify the tweet to just remove the photo, though. If you have any questions about what's possible, just email us: hello@lasertweets.co.

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