Rickroll QR Coasters


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Imagine you've got friends over for a high-class dinner party. Wine. Cheese. Charcuterie (had to look up the spelling on that one).

Archibal looks for a place to set his wine glass and sees a non-descript QR code out on your handcrafted italian mahogany side table. "Hmm, what might this lead us to?" he wonders. He pulls out his phone and scans the code.

Immediately the sounds of Rick Astley start playing and the entire dinner party erupts in uncontrollable laughter for literally hours.

Sound unattainable? Well you're in luck because this can be your reality with our Rickroll QR Coaster set!

Simply set them out and watch as friends and family get rickrolled left and right. You'll be the talk of the town!

Here are the specs on these amazing bits of internet lore...

  • Laser cut & etched in high-quality maple plywood
  • Coasters: 3.6" × 3.6"
  • Coaster Base: 4.6" × 3.2"
  • Made in the freaking US of A

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